Men's Gold Earrings

Stud and Hoop Earrings Collection for Men in 14k Gold

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  • Material: 14k White Gold

14k White Gold 3mm Perfect Fit Children/Men's Ball Stud Earrings

Small (S) Size, HypoAllergenic
$54.99 $35.99

14k White Gold 4mm Ball Stud Earrings

Small to Medium (S/M) Size, Hypoallergenic
$58.99 $37.99

14k White Gold Classic 5/8" (15mm or 0.6") round Hoop Earrings

Small (S) Size, 2x15mm, Hypoallergenic
$99.99 $88.99

14kt White Gold 5/8"(15mm) Classic Hoop Earrings

Small (S) Size, 3x15mm, HYPOALLERGENIC
$149.00 $109.00